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NCM Nonwoven Converting Machinery Co., Ltd., is the specialist in designing & manufacturing of all kinds of nonwoven converting machines, such as Blank Mask Making Machine, Ear-Loop Mask Sealing Machine, Tie-On Mask Sealing, Dust Mask Making Machine, Duck Bill Mask Making Machine, Bouffant Cap Making Machine, Surgical Cap Making Machine, Shoe Cover Making Machine, Pillow Case Making Machine, Headrest Cover Making Machine, Mop/Wiper Making Machine, CD Sleeve Making Machine, Ice Pack Making Machine, Pocket Filter Making Machine and Quilting/Bonding Machine.mask machine

Tie-on Mask Sealing & Packing Machine, NC-17P

We are supported by a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals, which helps us in catering to the variegated requirements of our clients in an efficient manner. Also, we can build custom Tie-on Mask Sealing & Packing Machine to meet your requirements, whether standard or special.
Tie-on Mask Sealing & Packing Machine


Tie-on Mask Sealing & Packing Machine

To weld nonwoven tape onto blank mask is by ultrasonic systems. NC-17 Tie-on Mask Sealing Machine or NC-17P Tie-on Mask Sealing & Packing Machine require one worker to feed mask blanks into its conveying jigs, the machine will run and weld automatically to produce finished tie-on masks afterward. Two section speeds for workers to put masks easily. Hygienic and efficiency to fold the tapes piece by piece. This could save lots labor cost for packing job.

Para soldar la cinta de amarrar al cuerpo de la mascarrilla es por sistemas ultrasónicos. NC-17 se requiere un trabajador para dar el cuerpo de la mascarrilla a la traspotadora, y el otro trabajador para coleccionar y empaquetar. La máquina va a correr y soldar automáticamente para producir después la terminada mascarrilla con la cinta de amarrar y empaquetarlo automáticamente a la cajita.
Machine Features :

  • Machine compact, PLC control.
  • All aluminum alloys made construction.
  • Two speed stages to help workers feeding blank mask easily and smoothly.

Specification :

Machine size Line source Power consumption
3000(L) x 950(W) x 2600(H)mm 220V, 1or 3 phases 3 kw

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