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Bouffant Cap Making Machine


Bouffant Cap Making Machine

NC-19 Bouffant Cap Making Machine is specially designed to produce disposable nonwoven or PE bouffant caps (mob cap) automatically with extremely high speed. from raw material from feeding to finished caps counting. It could produce 18" , 21" , and 24" caps. Cap size changeable without changing moulds. One worker can operate 2 machines at the same time. Change size to 18" ,21" or 24" without changing any parts.

New machine:
Auto bouffant cap machine with cap packing machine.

NC-19 es diseñado especialmente para producir automáticamente los gorros disposable para emfermera de tela no tejida desde dando la material prima hasta hecho finalizado en contar con los gorros. Velocidad alta llega a 90 piezas por minuto. Un operator puede manejar con 2 máquinas simultaneamente.
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Machine Features
  • EPC, HMI.
  • All aluminum alloy made construction.
  • Automatic tension control.
  • Automatic edge control.
  • Adjustable ultrasonic control.
  • Size of cap case can be adjusted without changing any parts.
Machine size Line source Cap Size Power consumption
3400(L) x 950(W) x 1500(H)mm 220V, 1or 3 phases 18", 21" & 24" 4.5 kw
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