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Duck Bill Mask Making Machine


Duck Bill Mask Making Machine(N95 mask machine)

Duck Bill Mask Making Machine is specially designed to produce Duck Bill masks by ultrasonic welding, from feeding raw materials and nose wire, folding to welding ear-loop. All making programs are automatic with extremely high speed. The filter masks could meet the FFP1~FFP3 and N95~N99 standards. We are experienced in using stapler on industry mask making.

Diseñado especialmente para producir mascarilla forma trapezoide de pico de pato en soldar ultrasónico, desde dando la material prima, plegando al soldando con la cinta elástica a las orejas. Todos los programas son automáticos.
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Machine Features
  • Machine compact, PLC control.
  • All aluminum alloys made construction.
  • Special loop application and hole cutting for exhalation valve is optional.
  • Powerful ultrasonic welding.
Machine size Line source Power consumption
5600(L) x 950(W) x 2150(H)mm 220V, 3 phases 8 kw
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